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Monday, March 12, 2018

Mathematics of a Christian Life (Laplace Transform and its Inverse) -Optimist

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Mathematics of a Christian Life

Laplace Transform and its Inverse

God (The Father) is the source of our strength(Exo. 15:2). Jesus is the LAPLACE(function),

Holy Spirit is the Transform (Comforter).

Now, Laplace gives us a constant rule to guide and guard us on how to really function in life(Matt. 23:9,10). For our efficient functionality, we have to follow the rules of LAPLACE which allows us to 'work' and 'walk' towards the Transform.

We cannot "Transform" without a given LAPLACE(Function), This Work in Hand with It's INVERSE. The Inverse brings us back to the main LAPLACE(Jesus). Now, without Christ you can't have the Holy Spirit. And when you have Holy Spirit; he draws you back to Christ on daily basis, When you seek Christ(LAPLACE); Even When you feel down. When the criteria of LAPLACE(Christ) is not met or other form of solution is introduced(Giving Ourselves to Worldly activities and Iniquities), You cannot get the Transform(Holy Spirit)(Matt. 12:32). Unless you get the Transform(Holy Spirit) we cannot be Transformed.

Let's work towards Perfection and follow the RULES of LAPLACE which is Christ Jesus, so as not to develop fault or error with the Inverse(When walking with the Holy Spirit)(Mark 3:29).


What to do.

☆ Accept that Christ is only way and he will do abundantly above all we can ask for(Romans 10:13, John 14:6).

☆ Follow and always seek LAPLACE (JESUS)(Matt. 6:33), So your life can be transformed to its Transform (Holy Spirit)


Let Christ be the LAPLACE of your Life, so that you can function well. Let Him Come into your Heart today. He is still knocking at the door of your Heart.

Remain Blessed



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