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Friday, April 12, 2019

[Unilorin] Grade E has been readded to the grades on the school portal


There has been controversy on the 'new' grade that was added to the grades on the school portal, especially for the 100 level students.

 This grade was in place before on the school portal, which was removed after the set of 14/ (those that graduated last year).

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 The grade which was slated for the scores 40-44 has been put in place back this year, by the Student Union (Investing in people).

 This post is just to sensitize people on the use and effect(s) of the newly-added grade (E).

 There's 100% assurance that the grade is for all levels.

But the implementation currently, is for 100 level students.

  Note: Grade E is 1 point, which is simply "no carry over"

Grades, Points and Score Range

A >> 70-100 — 5 points
B >> 60-69  —  4 points
C >> 50-59  —  3 points
D >> 45-49  —  2 points
E >> 40-44  —  1 point
F >> 0-39  — 0 point (Carry Over)

Classes of Honor

First Class — 4.50-5.00

Second Class 
(Upper Division) — 3.50-4.49

Second Class 
(Lower Division) — 2.50-3.49

Third Class — 1.50-2.49

Fail — 0.00-1.49

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