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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Fight against Examination Malpractice in Nigeria; The role of Stakeholders

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If you cheat to pass school tests, how will you cheat to pass life's tests?


There are two suitable time to plant a tree; first time is twenty years ago and the second time is now. The nexus of the above said is that the best time for the Government to replant and redress the educational system is now. Education is a well known veritable catalyst to national development and the future, simply put.

The Oxford Advanced Learner's dictionary made it clear that education is a process of teaching, training and learning. Especially in schools or colleges, to improve knowledge and development of adequate skills. Education can be categorised into the following; elementary, secondary, post secondary, adult education and college or university education.

In furtherance, 'education should be seen as learning to know the unknown'. Education may come through a conscious or unconscious form.

In the same nerve, someone submitted that ' the illiterates of the 21st century are not those that can neither read nor write but those who can not learn, unlearn and relearn.


Put simple, examination malpractice is the fabricated technics fashioned by the examination fraudsters to corrode the integrity and ethics of education.

Examination malpractice can be said to be a national eczema 'corruption' that is bedeviling all departments in the educational settings of Nigeria.


There are thousands and countless devices put together to address this bearbug, but it is either the devices are stillborn or they were truncated along the way, it may be due to the inability to implement them or mere words of the mouth by the educational bodies.

However there are veritable means of dealing with this monstrous cankerworm vis à vis, provided the educational bodies are going to put their hands to the wheel. They can be evinced as follows:

1) If the educational stake holders can preach, facilitate and foster Value-based educational system.

2) Promoting and implementing a Moral-full education.

3) The educational stakeholders should further design an effective, accountable and inclusive institutions that will be policing and monitoring the examination procedures at all level.

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 4) It should be stated that anybody found wanting or caught should be subjected to worse form of punition.

5) The society should reduce the emphasis placed on certificate as a means of securing a job.

6) The teachers, proprietors and school administrators been part of the stakeholders should also stop their evil ways of making examination malpractice to propagate.


Examination malpractice is in a meteoric rise in today's Nigeria. There are dozens of factors contributing to the tide, such as students, schools, parental influence internet and many others. Hence, the need for the Stakeholders to be on surveillance cannot be overemphasized, their factors are germane in the fight to deteriorate this corrupt act. There are wherewithal, foresaid to tackle this menace, hence they should swing into action ample time.

OWOSENI, Adegoke Israel is an undergraduate of French Department, University of Ilorin and can be reached through or 08169119277. He also tweets via @OwoseniGcfr.