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Monday, December 23, 2019

Jagunmolu - Azeez A. Azeez


Mighty is the Messenger,
The Messenger is indeed, mighty.
Even though,
The Messenger;
Is from the Messengerial class.

The Messenger is invisible to many. Yet,
Mightier than all that liveth.
Blind, obdurate and asinine is the Messenger!

As a mundane,
My aspiration is for;
Existential survival.
Yet, the obstinate Messenger,
Interruptedly curtail the ardent desire.

The Messenger,
Dispenses grim, impartially.
Munificence to the low and the mighty.

Incontrovertible, is it supremacy
Over all that liveth.

The Messenger is death,
 Death is the Messenger.
The Jagunmolu of all time.

 "Anyone who does not have a thing to die for, has not started to live at all".

I'm _Azeez A. Afeez_

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