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Thursday, December 05, 2019

The role a brand ambassador plays in growing small scale business - James Popoola

The Role a Brand Ambassador Plays in Growing Small Scale Business.

The role a brand ambassador plays can not be over emphasized in the era of digitalization that we are.

First, he create a suitable awareness for a group of interested audience or customers on a particular product. At this stage the role of caving a nitch must have been attained by the brand ambassador as well.

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Second, to put up relatable contents that is engaging periodically. An engaging content is one of the vital roles that a brand influencer must always seek to attain for the small scale business to thrive.

Providing additional information is not left out of the role of a brand ambassador. Giving one's client additional information about what they have interest in can contribute to the growth of a small scale business provided it is relatable.

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As students, one of the best way to have a working experience can be through being Brand Ambassador which in in return adds to your CV.

To crown it all, the role of a brand ambassador is to push out engaging contents, give updates on the product per time through periodical posts as well as providing additional information for the audience.

Authored by: James Popoola

 SDGs Advocate |Business Strategist | Brand Ambassador for CowryWise and Youth Opportunities

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